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i started aff in the spring of '95. it was a year after my first tandem and i got the itch again so i went with some other friends back to the boston-providence skydiving center and did my second tandem. later that day i was with my friend jeff and had mentioned where i was earlier. next thing i knew we were on our way back to the dz going to sign up for accelerated freefall. both of us had a little extra cash at the time so before we went home for the summer from school we both paid for all of our jumps up front. there were 7 jumps in the course and it totaled to over a thousand dollars each. it was a lot of money but we viewed it as more of an investment.....besides, if i went home with that much cash it would have been spent on something else in weeks anyways........

brit right after a double joker with a big ole smile and no helmet....woops

so there we were in lincoln, ri learning how to skydive. after a year or so of jumping there we started to venture north up to pepperell, mass, then to lebanon, maine. we start going all over new england but lincoln would always be our home. of course the winters aren't kind to skydivers in new england so we ventured to florida and found our home away from home at sebastian. sebastian is one of those places where you just keep finding yourself drawn to. can't quite describe it but i always seem to find myself planning a trip there and at a minimum making a pit stop in sebastian. i don't know if it's landing on the beach at sbi's or the beautiful women in manifest, but there’s something there that i just can't stay away from.....

now our journeys bring us over to another great dz in new england, jumptown u.s.a. located in orange, ma. this club dz has an awesome vibe and is host to some great events and impressive talent through out the year. teams such as alchemy and the sugar gliders might just stroll by the hanger from time to time. keep your eyes open. lincoln used to be home base, but 2003 orange is the new place to call home. but let's not forget about lebanon aka skydive new england.....we'll be up there at least one weekend a month coaching and organizing. check out the events. whether it's the coast of maine or the reservoir in mass, both are beautiful places to watch a sunset under canopy.

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