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so you ask............what gives me the right to teach others about freeflying? i don't have any medals, i haven't won any awards for my superior flying. good point. what have i done? i've competed in 2 ssi events at lebanon, 1 down at cross keys, gave the space games a shot, managed to get my 'ad', jumped with several coaches and watched (and learned from) their different techniques and suggestions. one thing i've been able to bring away from it all is that someone can be a phenomenal freeflyer, but their coaching skillball master @ space games 11 leave the student standing there with their thumb up their ass. i heard a coach say 'just fly your body'. while that's a great bit of advice, they never followed through and explained 'how to fly their body'.

my goal with freekfly is to help experienced jumpers learn how to safely fly their bodies in all positions and all directions. help them learn how to take control and teach them how to learn from every jump whether it was a bust or their best one to date. freeflying is not something easy to pick up. it does take a certain level of skill and patience. i've seen tons of people become disheartened because their not getting it. in reality i think they were all getting it but they were just giving up too easy. it's a hell of a lot harder that your first 4 way or tracking off aftwards. someone made a great comparison once. say you are a weekend jumper, as most of us are. let's take a great weekend of jumping for arguments sake, you get in 20 jumps. say 45 seconds of freefall per jump if you're on your head, that's 900 second total or 15 minutes. so in a good week you get 15 minutes of practice and that's if you're lucky. now think about a golf pro or a tennis pro. how many hours a week are they actually practicing their sport, 20..........30 hours a week. that's tons of time when you think about it. then when you get right down to it every 45 seconds not only isn't much time but it costs us $17-20 for each 45 seconds. what a bargain! in the end what i'm trying to get across is the fact that it does take a long time to get comfortable freeflying. if it took you 100 jumps to be able to fly on your head and move around a bit you should be proud! that's barely over an hour of practice. sure some people pick it up quicker than others, but the more time you spend in the environment the quicker you get used to it.

i want to give the jumpers just starting down the freeflying trail something that i didn't have when i was learning, guidance from someone who's been there. i want to pass on my tricks and tips to help you get it quicker. add the visual aid of video and whabam.....you can actually see what you're doing and fix it in a few jumps instead of 10 or 20 without that aid. i want people to have fun learning something new and do it at a price that isn't obnoxious.

everyone should give it a shot. remember, a wise man once said, 'flat flying is great.......if that's all you can do.....'

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